What is Tenet ?

Tenet is an EVM-compatible Layer-1 bringing liquidity and yield opportunities to LSDs by using them as collateral for network validators through Diversified Proof of Stake. This increases network security and improves governance inclusivity.
Staking Providers active on the Tenet network can issue a tLSD (Tenet Liquid Staking Derivative) which represents LSDs staked to network validators. tLSDs combine two sources of yield and make them pristine collateral to be used in an expanding ecosystem of LSDfi-protocols.
Tenet employs veTokenomics at the chain level to direct emissions from block rewards and other dAPP user incentives. Users locking the Tenet asset in this mechanism receive yield from protocols deployed across the ecosystem.
LSDC is the native stablecoin of the Tenet blockchain and is minted against overcollateralized positions of tLSDs. This represents a third yield opportunity for capital deployed to Tenet.
Tenet is a layer 1 blockchain which natively supports LSDfi, increasing capital efficiency for users of neighbouring chains and allowing DeFi protocols that benefit from several yield sources.